About us

International transport and forwarding services with more than 30 years of experience in road transportation.

One of the biggest Romanian fleet: 130 owned vehicles and more than 100 subcontracted vehicles. No matter what type of goods you want to transport from one point to another, Cartrans has a quick, efficient, and reliable transport solution for you.

Company history

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision by handling everything, from goods to relationship, with genuine care, building reliable, fair, and sustainable partnerships that truly matter.

Our commitment to careful transportation is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring the success of our clients and partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide best in class road transportation and logistics services in Europe.

Cartrans’ core values

Care is an ongoing process, central to our lives and to our family. It is the leading value of Cartrans. We are here because we care since care is the opposite of neglect. And we care a lot. About our family, our employees, our partners, our clients, our cargo, and our environment. What we thus do, in practice, is treat everyone and everything with care. We don’t just provide services; we handle your and our affairs with care.

We’re not a corporation, we’re a family business. And while we do have a governance structure in place as well as procedures, we tend to take things personally, ina good way. We deliver on our commitments, ensure accountability for everything we say and do, and take pride in doing so.

Upholding honesty and transparency in all business dealings is one of the founding principles of our company, and we stand by it. Ultimately, everything we do is dedicated to building trust through ethical practices and fair partnerships.

Since our founding, more than 30 years ago, right after the fall of communism, we’ve been through a lot, and we’ve survived and thrived through multiple challenges and crises, both national and global. We’re here to stay, and we do not falter in the face of adversity. As a family owned company, for us this is more than just business, and we’re dedicated to overcoming any obstacle.  

Stemming from our resilient DNA and our logic of care, we are also flexible to the core. In order to accommodate the needs of our clients and partners, we can develop tailor made solutions and often innovate to deliver.

We invest in technology, but we focus on developing people. While we deeply believe in the potential of new technologies, such as those based on automation and AI, we will never lose the human touch in the process. The way we grow and innovate is by investing in people and putting them in the center of everything we do, while offering them the best tools available to do their job.

About our team

Our 200 employees are professionals, with many years of experience in their respective fields. We take pride in our organizational culture and invest precious time and resources into making Cartrans one of the best work environments in the industry, while maintaining it robust, to accommodate the shifting needs in our market.

From the management team to our drivers, we are all here to carefully attend to your needs and provide fast, reliable, state of the art professional services.

Certifications and expertise

Today, Cartrans owns a modern fleet of 118 Euro6 trucks, and 105 semitrailers.

Our main activity is international road freight across Europe, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

We thrive on reliability and expertise.

We have served clients from numerous industries, working with, among many others:

  • automotive
  • consumer products
  • industrial products
  • logistics operators

And we have carried all across Europe a wide range of typical, but also atypical loads, such as:

  • wind installations
  • agricultural and construction equipment
  • concrete beams
  • silos
  • oil, chemical, energy
  • industrial halls and metal structures