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At Cartrans, we’re more than just a road freight operator; we’re your partner in success. With decades of experience in the logistics industry, we offer unparalleled support, reliability, and opportunities to truck owners and small fleet operators.

Whether you’re looking to fully integrate into our fleet for operations across Western Europe, seeking specific one-way shipments to optimize your routes, or aiming to manage round trips between Romania and the EU, we have tailored solutions to fit your needs.

Collaboration Options

Full Fleet Integration

Ideal for truck or small fleet owners wanting to operate as part of our prestigious fleet, fully managed by Cartrans, across Western Europe.

Enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger network, including:

  • Access to our extensive freight network
  • Regular, reliable payments
  • Optimized freight transit times
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Document management and bill payments

One-Way Shipments & Load Optimization

Perfect for those with specific shipment needs from Romania to the EU or vice versa. If you’re looking to fill your return journey or optimize your shipments, Cartrans offers:

  • Access to a broad range of freight opportunities
  • Flexible one-way partnerships
  • Assistance in maximizing vehicle load capacity
  • Simplified transport planning via our DispoPlan platform 

Round Trip Management

Designed for operators looking for a comprehensive solution, managing round trips from Romania to the EU and back, fully managed by Cartrans. This option ensures:

  • Consistent work volume throughout the year
  • Real-time route optimizations
  • Access to our dedicated customer base
  • Reduced fuel consumption and idle times

Why Choose Cartrans?

Reliability and Growth

Partner with a leader in the transport industry and grow your business.

Support and Efficiency

Benefit from our 24/7 European service network, technical support through our team of dispatchers, and optimized operations.

Financial Security

Experience financial flexibility with our fast payments program and zero risk of non-payment.

Technology and Accessibility

Leverage state-of-the-art onboard communications, GPS systems and free access to our online transport planning platform.

Cartrans Group has strong partnerships with the main insurance companies for over 13 years

How are we protected?
If during the transport the goods are damaged, there is a partial or total loss of the goods, or the goods are delivered late, there is a liability of the carrier according to the regulations of the CMR Convention. A special problem arises when we talk about multimodal transport performed with various means of transport (ship, ferry, train, container). In this case, different provisions will be applied depending on the route taken.

What does our insurer offer us?
If the goods are damaged during transport, the goods are partially or completely lost, or in case of a delayed delivery, the carrier is liable according to the CMR specifications.

Our policy provides protection for international transport in accordance with the responsibility of the CMR, as well as for domestic transport in all European countries (cabotage transport), in accordance with national legal specifications for transport.

With Cartrans, your goods are safe.

Complete service and quick interventions

Established in 2010 with fully private Romanian capital, CTP Truck Service offers the widest range of services in the field of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles / road vehicles in the Prahova county area.

The management team and technical staff know-how is based on significant experience in the automotive field, being the only multi-brand service authorized as a Volvo Independent Operator in the area.

As a result of the new service, CTP became a representative of  the Kassbhorer, Kogel and Webasto brands, and in the near future it will also obtain MB authorization.

Our services

  • Mechanical, electrical, electronic repair shop (including VCADS diagnosis Volvo Trucks, DAF – Davie, DAS – Mercedes Benz, TEXA multibrand diagnosis, vehicle system diagnosis and Wabco, Knorr and Haldex braking systems. We also performe damage repairs (AUDATEX) – CTP Service having collaboration agreements with the main insurers in the market.
  • Mobile towing / roadside assistance with two Scania and Volvo trucks, 6×4, hydraulic and electrical systems equipped, capable of providing a full range of services: wheeling, towing and roadway, unloading, relocation and cargo transport operations.
  • Mobile repair shops: mobile vulcanization services and interventions / repairs of any kind, nationally and internationally
  • Tachograph workshop with analog and digital tachograph check for all existing brands in the market
  • Professional painting, with painting booth at European standards
  • ITP station class II and III

The guarantee of a reliable partnership
All service operations for trucks are authorized RAR / ARR, being permanently fulfilled the operating conditions, according to the legislation.

As CTP Truck Service has developed partnerships with most vehicle manufacturers’ representatives, but also with OEM spare parts manufacturers, you have a quality guarantee and low downtime in service with your truck or trailer.

Partnership requirements

To ensure a smooth partnership, we require:

  • A carriage contract agreement
  • CMR insurance of at least €200,000
  • A valid transport license
    MTPL insurance for vehicles
  • A service contract with European coverage (optional access to Cartrans service network)

Get Started

To explore these opportunities further and find out which option best suits your business needs, contact us at +40 344 130500.

Our team is ready to guide you through the process, answer your queries, and help you become a valued Cartrans partner.